From more than 40 years,
we are aware of our customer’s requirements

The company SMPF was founded in 1968 near Paris (France). We are specialized in high-precision, sheet metalwork for aeronautical, space, military, electronical industry and luxury products.

SMPF is equipped with the most manufacturing equipment and is based on a team of 16 people with very high qualification which enable us to offer to our customers a high quality service. We produce metalwork parts based on your drawing and specifications from metal sheet with a thickness between 0.1 mm to 8 mm (aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper and alloys, brass…).

Our acute know-how in metalwork, allow us to advise our customer during conception phase, particularly for punching and laser cutting, bending and welding.


“SMPF Precision sheet metal manufacture
is really reactive with a permanent high quality
level to our product.”

Romain SERRA - Sales and Technical Manager



Phone: 0(+33) 1 69 34 48 83
Fax: 0(+33) 1 64 48 51 13

Address: SMPF Tôlerie de précision - 89 avenue Charles de Gaulle - 91420 Morangis